3 comments on ““Big boys have big responsibilities and big circumstances.”

  1. We talked about this on our site not too long ago and I said that you cannot feel sorry for athletes who blow all of their money. Owens blew through 80 million dollars and knocked up multiple women and we are suppose to feel sorry for them. People would kill for his talent and the many opportunities that he and other athletes receive. They need to get rid of your yes men or women and be their on CEO, because you are your own brand, so treat it as such

    • I agree, and I don’t want to feel bad because these people are pissing away opportunities, but i do believe a lot of it has to do with the socioeconomic environments these athletes grow up in. The disparities of going from the hood to now finding wealth.

      They just don’t realize that their wealth is off of their abilities, not a tangible commodity this is a sound investment. Those ball checks aren’t going to be coming in for years.

  2. The NFL actually has a rookie orientation where they explain about the NFL life and how to handle finances. They also bring in vets of the sport to speak. Some of the vets are the rags to riches type and some are the rags to riches to broke types.

    The NFL even has an off season media training program which is offered. Some athletes take part of it and go on real assignments for the playoffs and Super Bowls. This helps them transition into a broadcast career easier and take up all the jobs that probably would be better suited for recent college grads but that’s another (read about Howard Cosell, he explains this well)

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